Rice growing trials prove successful; Public servants get training in auditing for greater accountability

Rice field. Photo: Quentar/Wikimedia Commons

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[Talemaot! archive] Lack of action by Prime Minister Sato Kilman at Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation

Archive of a post that originally appeared on the now deleted blog http://talemaot.wordpress.com on 22 May, 2012. Click here to see a screengrab of the original post.

Lack of action by Prime Minister Sato Kilman at Vanuatu Broadcasting & Television Corporation

Prime Minister Sato Kilman has failed to take any real action in response to the findings of the Auditor General’s Investigation into the Vanuatu Broadcasting & Television Corporation (VBTC) – which is under his portfolio. The Investigation Report was submitted to him almost a year ago in June 2011.
Despite his promises to the public to tackle corruption, Prime Minister Kilman is instead pushing VBTC to increase television coverage to Malekula, his parliamentary constituency before this year’s general elections. Presumably, this fits in with his campaign strategy for re-election into parliament.
It is unfortunate that the PM has allowed his own self interest to take priority at VBTC rather than demonstrate any real commitment to the firm words he uttered in his 2012 New Year Message. In case the people of Vanuatu have forgotten, here again are the Honourable Prime Minister’s words:

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