PM praises involvement of citizenry at launch of new national sustainable development plan ‘Vanuatu 2030’

PM Charlot Salwai and attendees of last night's official launch of Vanuatu's new national sustainable development plan, 'Vanuatu 2030' at the National Convention Centre. Photo: Vanuatu Government

PM Charlot Salwai and attendees of last night’s official launch of Vanuatu’s new national sustainable development plan, ‘Vanuatu 2030’ at the National Convention Centre. Photo: Vanuatu Government

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai says the Government’s new sustainable development plan Vanuatu 2030 is an important document that will guide the government for the years to come. This is the plan for sustainable economic development of the Republic which replaces the Government’s Priority Action Agenda. The PM was especially pleased with the contributions received from every sector of the community as groups and individuals were keen to make known what they feel are the important development issues. Prime Minister Charlot Salwai was also pleased with the work of the team which had sought out all possible views during 6 months of communicating with people in the islands. The PM launched Vanuatu 2030 yesterday evening. (Radio Vanuatu)

Download the english language version of Vanuatu 2030 National Sustainable Development Plan 2016 to 2030 (PDF, 1.4MB) here, ou télécharger la version française de Vanuatu 2030 plan de développement national durable 2016 à 2030 (PDF, 1,4Mo) ici.

PM Salwai, in his discussions with the Solomons PM Sogavare here earlier this week, has pointed out to the MSG Chairman how Read the rest of this entry »

Govt coalition parties agree that expenditures must be reviewed before new taxation measures can be considered

File picture of PM Charlot Salwai (L) and Agriculture Minister Matai Seremaiah. Photo: Moses Stevens

File picture of PM Charlot Salwai (L) and Agriculture Minister Matai Seremaiah. Photo: Moses Stevens

Agriculture Minister Matai Seremaiah has elaborated on the Leaders Party of Vanuatu’s stand on income tax. He agreed it was a government initiative, but added that communities still had to be consulted and the process of involving the people had not gone very far yet. He said “after some consultations it is apparent most of our supporters are hesitant about the income tax policy.” He added “our position is the government should wait for the Expenditure Review Report to come out and see where government can save money, cut down on unnecessary expenditures and also look at policies that will make doing business in Vanuatu easier before we decide on the future of income tax.” Minister Seremaiah said he spoke with PM Salwai Read the rest of this entry »

Victims of conman still unpaid, 10 years after Supreme Court ordered Vt 10M returned

A Tanna chief complains the services of justice are not reaching his people. The Iata versus Hocten Supreme Court case required a payment of Vt 10 million for persons swindled by one Michael Hocten (a family name that has been in the news again more recently) to pay some ten million vatu a decade ago. Not one vatu has yet been received by those owed.

Thompson Marango of Daily Post has another crime story on Read the rest of this entry »

Provincial elections set for 23 March in four of Vanuatu’s six provinces

voting Vanuatu election

Campaigning for provincial elections in four provinces begins on 6 March and ends on 20 March, with elections on the 23rd. Penama, Malampa, Shefa and Tafea provinces will be voting for their new provincial councils. Candidate applications open on February 13. One might question whether the campaign hasn’t started already, as the Opposition is claiming Read the rest of this entry »

Market vendor strike ends; MPs receive Vt 290M gratuity payment

Back in business today: Port Vila's main market house. Photo: Wikimapia

Back in business today: Port Vila’s main market house. Photo: Wikimapia

Yesterday’s market vendor strike lasted just a day. Port Vila fresh produce markets are all open today. There sound to have been multiple misunderstandings, and the Vanuatu Daily Digest will await clarification by saying nothing more at this time.

The 52 members of the tenth legislature have received Vt 290 million between them as their gratuity for their term in office. The ex-politicians currently in prison for taking bribes also receive the termination severance fee. (Daily Post)

GJP MP for Tanna Andrew Napuat has publicly presented the accounts of his MP allocation to constituents, and like other GJP politicians he has invested heavily in school fees. In 2016, the MP spent Vt 1.3 million, contributing to the education of 36 students. His transparent financial reporting is said to be the Read the rest of this entry »

New category of ni-Vanuatu citizenship introduced by Government – for US$130,000 per application

Vanuatu passport

A new Vanuatu citizenship category has been created by Government called the Development Support Program. DSP replaces the Vanuatu Economic Rehabilitation Program (VERP). Applicants deposit a non-refundable US$130,000 (Vt 14 million) to cover the applicant and family members. Applicants are also required to pay  US$2,000 (Vt 215,000) for a report from the Financial Intelligence Unit. The strong point of the new DSP plan is in having the Citizenship Commission appoint Vila based designated agents who will check on the Financial Intelligence Unit screening of the individual concerned and make recommendations to the Citizenship Commission. This will avoid the sort of situation we have seen where persons of unsuitable character and professional quality continue to hold important positions. VERP ceases at the end of this month. (Daily Post)

Biscochoc’s take over of the Metenesel Estate for the bargain price of Vt 100 a hectare per year is being challenged in the courts. This is where Read the rest of this entry »

New Year’s messages call on people of Vanuatu to play active role in nation’s prosperity

In his New Year message, President Baldwin Lonsdale has spoken of the God-given challenges Vanuatu faces at this time. He feels that the fresh elections last year were necessary to bring Vanuatu a new, more youthful and better educated leadership. They were needed to ensure the economic prosperity not possible because of the political instability of previous years. (Radio Vanuatu)

For his New Year address to the people of the Republic, Prime Minister Charlot Salwai concentrated on the new blueprint the country had been offered for a sustainable prosperity with his Government’s adoption of Read the rest of this entry »